I really like bots. Here’s a list of Twitter bots I’ve made:

  1. @gvillejunk - items posted to the Gainesville, FL Craigslist “free” section.
  2. @hmmdarwin - Markov bot trained on the major works of Charles Darwin.
  3. @meowhector - Bot about my cat.
  4. @harib0t - Hare Krishna mantras.
  5. @cappstories - True stories from Capp St., SF. Made using Cheap Bots Done Quick and Tracery.
  6. @every_omics - Random ‘Omicses

I thought I had a lot more bots when I set out to write this blog post.

Here’s a much larger list of bots that were created by other people.

Bot Ideas

I’m just going to write down my bot ideas here.